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Orcad Pspice 16.3 Portable 2021

With this release, the OrCAD /AllegroCadence Starter Library 1.0 is fully integrated with the Cadence Allegro/OrCAD Starter Library 1.0, providing an end-to-end PCB design flow including PCB content authoring, rule checking, schematic capture, and board layout and documentation. A new Workflow Engine allows configurable pre-routing and routing performance for a custom, efficient PCB layout environment that requires more than 20 million elements. Results can be optimized for expedited layout and analysis due to an updated environment that leverages novel Sigrity technology for high-speed signal analysis and checking.

orcad pspice 16.3 portable

  • ", "created": "2017-06-27T13:52:48", "category": "Products", "changed_by": "", "changed_by_id": "3176", "verb": "available", "see_also": ["Zynq Artix MCU", "Xilinx Artix-Zynq 7000"] }, "data": { "published_at": "2017-06-27T13:52:43", "archived": false, "related_media": [], "download_urls": [""], "assets_view_url": "", "id": "", "title": "", "description": "This is a portable version of Orcad/Allegro PCB Designer with Cadence Design Suite 2019. It includes the following updates: Allegro PCB Designer New: New PCB layers

  • New: Cadence Allegro Design Entry OLED displays

  • Fix: PCBs with any complex structures were not loaded correctly in Orcad

The associated OrCAD /AllegroLite Starter Library 1.0 is a free library that includes OrCAD Capture schematic symbols along with OrCAD Capture PCB Editor footprints and the necessary component properties. It is designed for new customers who are evaluating or implementing a Cadence PCB flow or wanting to build a fully compatible library for use with the OrCAD / Allegrofamily of PCB design tools. A documented catalog of the OrCAD / AllegroLite Starter Library contents, as well as sample specifications used in the development of the library, is available in Adobe.pdf format.


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