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Tirupur  is the leading manufacturer of woven elastic tapes on the North of Tirupur. This type of elastic has an excellent quality, which in turn promotes its use in higher end applications. These elastic tapes are manufactured in different widths and different raw materials. Elastics can be created from high elastic nylon thread/spandex, polyester/spandex, etc..Tirupur offer to clients a wide range of fancy garment tape that are available in different widths and colors.
Tirupur has a large range of woven elastic tapes avaible from 4 mm to 300mm to suit all the requirements. We also provide woven elastic tape for different industry. Elastic tape of clothing are for clothing and shoes industry. And also we have Medical & Orthopedy Elastic Tape, Sport / Underwear Elastic Tape, Waistband / Clothing Tape. Which one do you need?

  • Shoes Elastic Tape
  • Medical & Orthopedy Elastic Tape
  • Sport / Underwear Elastic Tape
  • Waistband / Clothing Tape

Woven Elastic