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These plastic zippers have individually injected moulded teeth, fused directly on to the tape of the zipper. The High-performance resins used to manufacture moulded plastic elements are incredibly strong and make zippers that are durable, strong and flexible. These zippers are ideal for outerwear and heavyweight garments or any outdoor application.

Plastic zippers are divided into 5 groups:

  • LFC or L-type zippers made with meander/Ruhrmann type coil stitched around the edge of the carrier tape.
  • CFC zippers made with a spiral coil, stitched on one side of the carrier tape.
  • Woven-in coil zippers, in which the coil is formed and directly woven into the carrier tape on special looms.
  • Plastic moulded zippers, in which the teeth/elements made from polyacetal (commonly known as Delrin‚ ) are directly moulded onto the carrier tape.
  • Plastic extruded zippers, in which a string of teeth/elements is first extruded and then stitched onto the carrier tape.

Plastic Zipper