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 Fold Over Nylon Elastic by Cheep Trims is a flat soft elastic that is seamed down the middle to make folding it over your raw edges easy. It is perfect for headbands as well as binding and finishing raw edges. Can be used for collars, cuffs, diapers, diaper covers, and can be used in place of bias tape. 100% Nylon....

Fold over elastic (also called FOE) is a flat, thin elastic that has a line along the center that makes it easier to be folded in half. It is used to finish edges on stretch fabrics or garments just like the athletic apparel or swimsuits. FOE is typically used for making undies, baby diaper and can be an alternative for finishing necklines. It comes in varieties of colors and unique patterns so you can choose which one is suitable for your desired project. It does not narrow when stretched.

Fold Over Elastic