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The Grey Dream [Ep. 2.1]

On this season of Tell Me More the Indy asks about childhood dreams. In our season 2 premiere, Kianna Goldsberry tells us about how she went from dreams of book editing to dreams of being a doctor. All this on Tell Me More.

The Grey Dream [Ep. 2.1]

Despite appearing like a child, Nod is very well spoken and intelligent. They rule over the land of dreams and enjoy whimsy but are generally calm, soft spoken and even tempered, although they despise being referred to as a baby. They are very fond of Pete, having chosen him for the position of Vox Phantasma, and seem to look to him as a sort of older brother figure.

After working in several small-time jobs and graduating from university, you got offered a semi-decent job in an international trading company. Meanwhile, life throws many opportunities down your way, it is up to you to decide. It's time for you to wake up from the dream and face the world's facts. 041b061a72


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