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Gurps Cyber Punk Pdf Download Free

Cyberpunk is the genre of man plus machine - a dystopian fusion of the visions of George Orwell and Timothy Leary. It presents challenges far beyond that of the standard "loot the dungeon" themes - in a cyberpunk world, survival itself can be the ultimate success story!

Gurps Cyber Punk Pdf Download

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From ruthless corporations to half-mechanical back-alley killers, this book has it all. Also included are new advantages and disadvantages, netrunning rules, advice on tailoring a cyberpunk world to fit your own vision of the future, and dozens of deadly, miraculous gadgets that just might give your character the edge he needs to survive.

GURPS Cyberpunk is a genre toolkit for cyberpunk-themed role-playing games set in a near-future dystopia, such as that envisioned by William Gibson in his influential novel Neuromancer. It was published in 1990 after a significant delay caused by the original draft being a primary piece of evidence in Steve Jackson Games, Inc. v. United States Secret Service.

Unlike most commercially successful books from the third edition of the game, there is currently no Cyberpunk sourcebook for its fourth edition, as of 2018. Similar rules for advanced technology can be found in GURPS Ultra-Tech,[1] from gadgets to cyberwear, but there aren't, for example, rules for netrunning which are essential for such games.

The July 1990 edition of Games International (Issue 16) commented that "computers interfaced with humans and piles of personal morality make playing cyberpunk a challenge." The reviewer concluded, "Lovers of William Gibson's Neuromancer should start here."[5]


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