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Mustafa İloğlu Gizli İlimler Hazinesi: A Treasure of Hidden Sciences

Mustafa ÄloÄlu Gizli Älimler Hazinesi: A Treasure of Hidden Sciences

Mustafa ÄloÄlu is a Turkish author who has written a series of books on the topics of havas, bÃyÃ, vefk, cifr, ebced, cin, melek, ifrit, esma-i hÃsna, dua and kenzÃl arÅ. These are terms related to the Islamic mystical tradition of Sufism, occultism, numerology, astrology, angelology, demonology and supplication. His books are titled Gizli Älimler Hazinesi, which means "Treasure of Hidden Sciences" in Turkish.

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The books are very popular among the readers who are interested in these subjects and want to learn more about the secrets of the universe and the spiritual realm. The books contain various formulas, talismans, prayers and methods for achieving different purposes such as protection, healing, love, wealth, success and knowledge. The books also explain the meanings and benefits of the names of Allah and how to use them in different situations.

The books are available in PDF format for download from various websites such as[^1^] and Scribd[^2^]. However, some of these websites may require registration or payment to access the full content. The books are also sold in print form in some bookstores and online platforms.

Mustafa ÄloÄlu Gizli Älimler Hazinesi is a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in exploring the hidden sciences and mysteries of Islam and Sufism. The books are written in a simple and clear language that makes them easy to understand and follow. However, the books also warn the readers to be careful and respectful when dealing with these matters and not to misuse them for evil or selfish purposes.

Mustafa ÄloÄlu is not to be confused with Mustafa ÄslamoÄlu, another Turkish author and scholar who has written books on Islam, Quran, history and politics. Mustafa ÄslamoÄlu is known for his reformist and rationalist approach to Islamic thought and his critique of traditional interpretations. He is also a popular speaker and lecturer who has given many conferences and seminars on various topics related to Islam and society.

Mustafa ÄloÄlu, on the other hand, is more focused on the mystical and esoteric aspects of Islam and Sufism. He has a background in engineering and business, but he has also studied the hidden sciences under various masters and teachers. He claims to have inherited some of the secrets and knowledge from his ancestors who were also involved in these fields. He is also a poet and a musician who has composed songs and poems inspired by his spiritual experiences.

Mustafa ÄloÄlu's books have been translated into several languages such as English, Kurdish, Arabic and Persian. He has also received many awards and honors for his contributions to the cultural and intellectual life of Turkey. He is currently the president of the BatÄ Anadolu Sanayici ve ÄÅadamlarÄ Dernekleri Federasyonu (Western Anatolia Industrialists and Businessmen Associations Federation) and a member of the board of trustees of the Äzmir Ekonomi Ãniversitesi (Äzmir Economy University). He is also active in various social and charitable projects. e0e6b7cb5c


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